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now the fleimio trolleys are not available, as we have no manufacturer for them. Read more https://www.fleimio.fi/en/fleimio-news/now-the-fleimio-trolleys-are-not-available/  All the other fleimio products are available, but the only method of payment is invoicing. Our customer service (info @ fleimio.com) will answer all questions related to orders and deliveries promptly.

It would be great if the entire fleimio product family could find a nice new home. A Finnish home where there would be nice friends who would like the fleimio design and the fleimio story that has lasted a little over ten years, which has brought a lot of experience and know-how on strategic issues that will benefit the whole family.

fleimio products are designed
for long-term use

fleimio products are designed by Finnish designers. High-quality manufactured products are durable in use and their aesthetics last time.

Currently, the fleimio online store is the only place to buy genuine fleimio products.

The fleimio products are versatile. You can find the most popular fleimio products here below. More products can be found at https://www.fleimio.fi/en/shop/

fleimio design shop april 2020
Leimio fleimio luota unelmoi elä

fleimio was founded in 2010

fleimio was founded in 2010. The dream is that fleimio is a new international, Finnish design brand. The more than ten-year history of the fleimio design company includes several interesting stages. Read more  at https://www.fleimio.fi/en/fleimio/

You can follow the fleimio news on facebook.com/fleimio and instagram.com/fleimio.

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