fleimio trolleys' prices will rise

Prices for the fleimio trolleys will increase from October 1st, 2021. The reason for this is the rise in timber prices and the change of the manufacturer. At the same time, the production of gray and red trolleys will be stopped, because their sales have been so low.

The old prices are valid until September 30th, 2021. You can see the new prices at 

fleimio original Mäntyharjun loma-asuntomessuilla Design-talo 2011
Leimio fleimio luota unelmoi elä

fleimio is a Finnish design company
founded in 2010

fleimio was founded in 2010. The dream is that fleimio is a new international, Finnish design brand. The more than ten-year history of the fleimio design company includes several interesting stages. Read more  at https://www.fleimio.fi/en/fleimio/

You can follow the fleimio news on facebook.com/fleimio and instagram.com/fleimio.

fleimio products are designed
for long-term use

fleimio products are designed by Finnish designers in accordance with the principles of sustainable development. High-quality manufactured products are durable in use and their aesthetics last time.

Currently, the fleimio online store is open every day and is the only place to buy genuine fleimio products.

Many fleimio products have new functions. You can find the most popular fleimio products here below. More products can be found at https://www.fleimio.fi/en/shop/

fleimio design shop april 2020
genuine fleimio mini with a registration number

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