fireplaces and firewood

Different types of fireplaces have different properties. These are worth considering when considering the purpose of the fireplace and the treatment of firewood. The physical dimensions of the fireplace are already limiting the width and length of firewood.

Practical alternatives to firewood stands include portable baskets, fixed racks and wheeled racks. There are clear differences between the options in terms of both comfort and appearance. It is also important to think about the interior and atmosphere. Read more about firewood stands here.

Firewood is usually stored in a log or shed from where it should be transported to the fireplace. This is also worth considering when considering solutions.

Naturally, portable baskets and racks are flexible, fixed racks are permanent solutions - while wheeled racks are convenient because they are easy to move and carry firewood.

Choosing any of the firewood alternatives - be prepared for the fact that firewood always gets a little rubbish inside, which is natural. When the firewood is dry, debris is easily swept away.

Generally speaking, storing dry firewood in the immediate vicinity of the fireplace is not recommended for fire safety reasons. In other cases, it is advisable to follow the instructions for storing firewood (read more here). This site deals only with fireplaces that burn wood and categorizes them as cookers, baking and heating ovens, fireplaces and fireplaces, and design fireplaces.

wood stoves

Wood stove is usually intended for cooking, where the most important point to consider is the choice of a firewood storage location.

The trees should be able to be stored close enough to the stove to maintain a constant temperature throughout the cooking process, while respecting fire safety.

fleimio design -rosenlwe liesi

Photo: Rosenlew wood stove / Photo register.

baking and heating ovens

Baking and heating ovens are often capacitive and provide great heat for homes. They have a relatively large amount of wood to burn, so it is important how and where the firewood is stored and how the wood can be burned without causing too much effort or debris. At its best, a firewood stand with trees is a beautiful part of the home's interior.

fleimio design - tulikivi

Photo: The adjacent heating stove is on the sides of Tulikivi.

regular fireplaces

Regular fireplaces are probably the most common fireplaces in Finland. For these, it is good to consider the location of the firewood and the appearance of the wood storage solution. Sparks can be flown from open fireplaces, so firewood should be kept away from the fireplace. In open fireplaces, it is recommended to burn only hardwood, such as birch or alder. Read more about firewood here.


Photo: fireplace above at Mäntyharju Holiday Housing Fair 2011

design fireplaces

Design fireplaces are stunning design elements that only a few firewood storage or transport baskets will fit in close proximity. Usually the design fireplaces are located in the middle of the room, so you should think about storing firewood and transporting it for burning in such a way that it fits into the interior design.

fleimio design -takkamaailma

Photo: Fireplace World Gyrofocus