fleimio pine cone wallshelf assembly instructions

here below you are able to find guidance how to assemble the fleimio pine cone wall shelf smooth and easy.

fleimio pine cone is designed by Finnish Tero Jakku (MA) and manufactured in Finland. Material of the shelves is fibreboard. The fleimio pine cone was launched at Habitare Fair in Helsinki september 2013.

Each fleimio pine cone wall shelf will be delivered with written instructions to help with assembly. That is a poster, of which other side is an image of the wall shelf and on the other side an image to help the assembly (look picture here below). Please remember to read carefully the instructions before assembly. Please be especially careful with the locations of the holes on the wall – so that they match the location in the metal brackets.

fleimio - käpy - pine cone shelf - asennus - assembly instructions

You are able to use this poster to find a good location for the shelf. Optimal locations for the shelf are living room, dining room, bedrooms and kitchen.

Instructions for Assembly

fleimio pine cone wall shelf requires professional wall assembly. fleimio is not responsible for any damages to the wall.

  1. Setting this poster to the potential place on the wall helps you to find a good location for Fleimio Pine Cone wall shelf. Please check the material of your wall and ask help from local hardware store to find suitable screws. Only professionals may take care of the assembly, because wrongly made assembly may lead to a product that falls, which may damage your property or people. Fleimio Pine Cone package does not include screws for wall fastening.
  2. Please use level to ensure that this poster is horizontally and vertically in line. Thus, you will make sure, that the Cone will be horizontal and that the distances between the shelves will be correct.
  3. If your wall is made of concrete or brick, you may fasten the fleimio pine cone where ever you like. However, in case you do not, you need to see to, that the cone will be fastened on the wooden studs/joists. The maximum load of the fleimio pine cone wall shelf depends on the wall material. One shelf fastened to a board material holds max 8kg (18 lb) weight, and max 15kg (33 lb) weight, if fixed to concrete, brick or to wooden joists/studs.
  4. Please check the correct locations of the holes in the metal brackets to the poster – and  mark down the correct fastening points of all the metal brackets. Wall mounting of each metal bracket requires three screws or fittings.
  5. Always choose screws or fittings, which are suitable for the wall material and have sufficient holding power. Please consult local hardware store to select right screws or fittings.
  6. Double check the location of the location of the holes by using the metal brackets. Drill holes for the screws and use wall plugs if necessary. See to that the metal brackets will be professionally installed.
  7. Install metal brackets on the right places. Please notice the right order of the metal brackets (3 / 2 / 3 / 2 / 3) as mentioned in the poster.
  8. Install the uppermost shelf on top of metal bracket so, that its side end is tightly in connection to the wall and that the metal bracket underneath will be embedded into the wood shelf as instructed in the poster. Please note the right order (A / B / C / B / A) of the wood shelves (look at the photo here below).
  9. Fasten the uppermost wood shelf with the screws included in this package through the metal bracket underneath it. Continue the same way with the rest of the wood shelves starting from the top.
  10. Decorate the fleimio pine cone wall shelf with your personal memories, articles, products and books dear to you. The beauty of the fleimio pine cone wall shelf is in its contents.
fleimio design - pine cone - black

Designer Tero Jakku found inspiration for this wall shelf from pine cones, where the secrets are hidden by the scales. Pine cone inspiration gave name for the whole shelf (Käpy = pine cone in Finnish).

Ms Anna Kuukka (MA) from Finland has designed the graphics for the cardboard package.