The dream was to create a new international, Finnish design brand with an interesting selection of new, functional, organically designed Finnish products that have been developed in accordance with the principles of sustainable development and that the environmental impact of operations is minimized.

Jussi Leimio founded the fleimio design company in Tuusula in 2010. The company's head office was Villa Leimio, designed by architect Vesa Honkonen, until the end of 2020.

In 2017, there were seven products with different variants and with the accessories totaling 30 SKUs (store keeping units). The products received good publicity in interior design magazines and were presented at European fairs (including the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair, Ambiente, IMM Cologne and Maison & Objet Paris). At its best, the fleimio products had more than 250 dealers in 23 European countries. You can read a short history of fleimio here.

However, both manufacturing and sales of the products were discontinued in December 2018, when resources were insufficient to fight against copying. The lack of financial resources and the preliminary ruling of the Supreme Court of Finland (36:18) became a major problem, stating that infringement of the industrial property rights of EU design protection products (RCDs) was not a crime in Finland.

However, in January 2020, it was decided to make a fleimio relaunch, in which case it was decided to assemble the products itself, the products were sold registered and it was decided to stop reselling.

The fleimio-Product Registration was a self-developed service that makes a product unique, adds value and prevents copying.

On January 30, 2020, the fleimio design-art-work store was opened. It was a new and fresh cocktail of Finnish design and contemporary art. The fleimio design shop was the only store in the world that presented and sold genuine fleimio products, in addition to which it also sold products of other Finnish design companies (Sukarwood, Majamoo, Niimaar and Onni-design). The fleimio art gallery presented and sold authentic, Finnish contemporary art.

The Fleimio design-art-work was an active event organizer: live music often, it hosted Tuusula's first Great Painting Event (10.7.2020), it was one of the event locations of the Tuusula Arts Night (28.8.2020), the centre of the Hyrylä Entrepreneurs' Kekri Event ( 24.10.2020) and, of course, the meeting point of Finnish contemporary artists in connection with the openings of the art exhibition and artist meetings (January-November 2020).

Unfortunately, this fleimio design-art-work store was closed on 19th of December, 2020, when its lease was terminated. The fleimio design-art-work store was located in the center of Tuusula at Kaupparaitti 3, Tuusula.

Now Fleimio is an online store where you can buy genuine fleimio products that are delivered to your home in Finland by Matkahuolto and outside Finland by UPS. A new Retail space for our own fleimio design shop and fleimio art gallery is in search. fleimio is a Finnish story about trust, life and dreams.

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fleimio pääkonttori Villa Leimio
fleimio perustaja Jussi Leimio
fleimio design shop april 2020
Katariina Souri fleimio art-gallery 112020
Las Carambas esiintymässä fleimio-liikkeen edustalla Tuusulan taiteiden yö 2020