fleimio mini

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fleimio mini is a small wooden furniture with wheels. It will be delivered fully assembled and with two fleimio shelves.

dimensions:   59 x 39 x 28 cm
weight:   4,6 kg
material:  Finnish birch plywood
colours:white, grey, black, red
design:  Tero Jakku (MA) & fleimio.



fleimio mini is a wooden furniture with wheels. It was designed by Finnish Tero Jakku (MA) in collaboration with fleimio. It is made of Finnish birch plywood with laminated surface. This product is designed for indoor use. The product is delivered fully assembled with two fleimio shelves.

The fleimio mini trolley is pleasant and silent to use because it has wheels with high quality rubber tires. Fleimio mini can be used as a firewood rack, sidetable, sofatable or as a bedside table. One can store items that fit your own interior in it. The product will be delivered with two fleimio shelves: one at the bottom and one at the top, both in the same color as the mini itself. The upper shelf can be removed and replaced with either a fleimio wine shelf or a different colored regular shelf.

The fleimio mini is available in four colors. For architect projects, the product is also available in a custom color. If you want to hear more information about fleimio offering for architect projects, send an email to Jussi @

fleimio mini (white)

fleimio mini (grey)

fleimio mini (black)

fleimio mini (red)

Your fleimio mini will stay in good condition when you wipe it every now and then with a towel dampened with a neutral detergent. This will also remove small stains on its sides. It is good to dry the surface after wiping.

This product is designed for indoor use. If you decide to use it outdoors, use it on flat surfaces and check that no dirt or pebbles come with it when entering indoors. The fleimio mini can be used at home, cabin interiors, restaurants, hotels, offices, public venues and in shops.

Arctic TreeHouse Hotel suite / Rovaniemi

Home / Tuusula

Log holder

Home / Espoo

Home / Helsinki

Krapi Aitta / Tuusula

fleimio mini (black) with books

fleimio mini (grey) with logs

fleimio mini (white) with beer

fleimio mini (red) with vinyl records

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Black, Grey, Red, White


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