fleimio product registration’s installation

fleimio product registering sign

When you order fleimio product registration for your product, you will receive your own product number plate in the mail and installation instructions for installing it. Product registration makes your product unique, adds value and prevents copying of fleimio products.

In product registration, you are named as the owner of the product in the fleimio product register database. As a registered fleimio customer, you can manage your orders and fleimio product registrations by logging in at https://www.fleimio.fi/en/my-account/

Your personal information is safe. You can read more about the privacy policy of the fleimio.com online store and fleimio product register: https://www.fleimio.fi/en/fleimio-privacy-policy/



Fleimio product registration plate installation instructions:

  • See the location for the sign for each product in the pictures below.

  • If necessary, clean the surface of your Fleimio product at the point where you install the fleimio product registration sign.

  • Remove the protective paper from the background of the sign.

  • Prepare for installation, as the sign must be installed correctly at one time. Install the sign in the correct place with both hands.

Fleimio product registration plate installation locations:


fleimio original (halkovaunu), fleimio original 5 (wine trolley) & fleimio mini

  • installation location: the subseries between the tires and the installation in the middle of this subseries

fleimio pine cone (fleimio käpy) wall shelf

fleimio käpy seinähylly tuoterekisterikyltin asennus

  • installation location: middle metal support (choose side (left / right) according to the decoration)

fleimio acoustic stand -guitar stand

  • installation location: the serie in the background and the installation in the middle

fleimio shoe helper (fleimio footer) 

  • installation location: rear at the bottom of the instruction plate on backside of the product and installation in the middle

fleimio woodhopper

  • installation location: cross-section above the tire and its outer surface and installation in the middle

The fleimio product registration sign is intended to be installed where it can be found, but where it does not interfere with the design of the product and where it remains protected. The sign is made of acid-resistant steel and the product registration number itself is engraved on it.