fleimio shoe helper assembly instructions

here you can find guidance for a smooth and easy wall assembly of the fleimio shoe helper.

fleimio shoe helper is a Finnish innovation that helps You to put shoes on and in shoe maintenance. The creator of this innovation and the fleimio shoe helper designer is Finnish interior architect Yrjö Wegelius (SIO).

Each product contains instructions for usage, for installation and for care (Finnish, Swedish and English), as well as a screws (2 pcs for wood wall & wall plugs for concrete walls) and cover plugs for screws for installation.

Instructions for use

The fleimio shoe helper is a new immovable furniture, that helps everyday life. Nowadays, the entry halls are small and often without char or stool, which could be used to help when putting shoes on.

It is convenient to put shoes on when using shoe helper that has been attached to the wall. It makes shoe care easier, when you just place your foot with shoe on top of it.

fleimio design - shoe hopper - white

Please do not use product, if you have bad balance or equivalent limitations concerning your health. Be careful with the product, if your soles are slippery.

Instructions for Assembly

  1. select carefully an optimal place for it
  2. select optimal height for it, because for the kids it should be low and for the adults higher located. fleimio recommends, that there should be an own product for each family member.
  3. assemble it firmly and professionally – make sure that it is in right angle (look image here below) – using right screws for your wall. Install it firmly so that you can feel safe when using it.
  4. place the cover plugs on top of screws.

Please remember, that there will remain marks on the wall, if you will decide to remove the product. Manufacturer is not liable for any direct or indirect loss or damage to the wall.

Instructions for care

keep the fleimio shoe helper in good condition by wiping its surfaces with a damp cloth and neutral liquid detergent, so that it looks good every day. The veneer surfaces will eventually show signs of wear, which is natural.

“Dream Tool”

The fleimio shoe helper  won “Dream tool” design competition 2006 (organized by Finnish EUCREA ry, Finland’s Design for All network and Ornamo).

Material: form-pressed birch veneer
Size: 100 x 356 x 110 mm
Weight:  appr 0,3 kg
Design: Yrjö Wegelius (SIO)

fleimio shoe helper is available in white and in lacquered birch. It is manufactured in Finland and sold in cardboard package, whose graphics are designed by Eero Heikkinen