fleimio is a small Finnish design company that aims at working in accordance with the principles of sustainability. The fleimio products are made of renewable or recyclable raw material.

The fleimio products are designed in Finland and the owner of their design rights is fleimio.
They are made by professionals, who have been producing quality products  for years.

The fleimio products are manufactured to dure long-term use. Additionally their outlook is designed to be timeless.

Our goal is that our business is on a sustainable basis. Therefore, the increased demand for fleimio products and thus the growing production volumes will make it possible for us to provide jobs and training for new generations. We hope that in the future we are able to recruit and train more wood and metal professionals in manufacturing & design and to be able to invest in technologies that reduce negative environmental impacts and reduce carbon footprint.

We promote recycling in all our activities and with all partners and suppliers (look fleimio environmental policy for more). All Fleimio partners are within the EU and comply with current legislation and code of conduct. All the partners, raw materials and components we use are appropriately documented.