How to identify a genuine fleimio product 2/2020

How to identify a genuine fleimio product,

Genuine fleimio product has a registration number. New fleimio products have a registration number that makes each fleimio product unique. The purpose of a unique registration number is to increase the value of fleimio products and to prevent the copying of the fleimio products.

fleimio rekisterinumero kyltti tuotteessa

How to identify a genuine fleimio product was asked by many as we investigated our suspicions of pirated copies of fleimio products in 2017-2018. At the time, it was difficult to answer, and since further research would have required significantly more resources, we decided to stop manufacturing and selling fleimio products in 2018.

Now, in 2020, manufacturing and sales of fleimio products have again begun, but with fleimio taking on a bigger role on the production and sales – being the only design and online shop selling fleimio products under the fleimio brand.

In January 2020, fleimio opened its own design shop, which also works as an art gallery and co-working space. The design store was opened in downtown Tuusula at Kaupparaitti 3. This fleimio design shop is currently the only design store in the world to sell fleimio products. The design shop is called fleimio design-art-work, where from now on the fleimio products are assembled, quality checked, packaged and delivered to customers. Products ordered prior to shipment will be accompanied by a fleimio registration number.

The registration number is an engraved unique series of numbers on an elegant stainless steel signboard that will be attached on the fleimio product. Additionally, the owner of this fleimio product will be registered. The registration number is attached in all new fleimio products purchased from the fleimio design shop or the fleimio online store.

fleimio-vaunuja joissa rekisterinumero fleimio design-liikkeessä

The registration number is attached to the fleimio product with a sturdy adhesive tape so that it fits elegantly into the product design.

Information on both the fleimio product numbers and the owners of fleimio products are registered. Owners will have a username and password so that they can manage their own information. Read about the fleimio product register privacy policy.

The purpose of the product register is to increase the value of fleimio products and to prevent copying. A fleimio product with a registration number guarantees that the product is genuine, which increases its resale value.

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